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'Tis the season to be ANGRY...?

This week is National Anger Awareness Week. And the timing is no coincidence.

More than half of all Brits have Christmas disagreements. With the average family having their first argument at 9:58am on Christmas morning.

The additional pressures at work, finding extra cash, battling with both the shoppers and increased traffic, and family demands all build up.

And often reach their peak on Christmas day when you are more likely spending time with family and / or people that you struggle with.

So, it may take very little for them to tip you over the edge.

To help you keep your cool and survive the Christmas period try the following…

1. GET TO KNOW YOUR ANGER – How does it present itself? Does your chest tense? Or your stomach clench? Or your throat? Or your head ache? If you can spot the signs early you can manage your reaction.

2. IS IT REALLY ANGER? – Sit with it for a little. Maybe it isn’t anger? Other feelings such as hurt or sadness or loss are sometimes disguised as anger and can be evoked by family gatherings.

3. TAKE TIME OUT – Christmas is not the time to vent or try to resolve family issues. Go for a walk, count to 10, take some quiet time to calm down.

4. PLAN A TIME TO ADDRESS FAMILY ISSUES – after the Christmas period when you can act in a calm, measured way.

5. PRACTICE ACCEPTANCE - that the same family patterns will play out. That the same people will irritate and push buttons. Just observe, breathe and let it go.

Wishing you peace over the Christmas period.

Warm regards

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