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TAKE THE SELF-LOVE CHALLENGE… Where on the scale are you when it comes to self-love?

So how tough are you on yourself?

How easy is it to get out the virtual stick and give yourself a good flogging when you make a mistake?

How loudly do you berate yourself when you forget a friend’s birthday? Or turn up late for a meeting because the train was late? Or forget to do a particular task?

What messages do give yourself when you look in the mirror? Or are unable to get into those tight jeans?

Maybe you embrace and love all parts of you?

Often, we don’t even notice how we talk to ourselves because it is such a habit.

The messages we give ourselves often stem from how we felt about ourselves growing up.

And the messages we received from our parents, or our siblings or peers.

So, try this exercise to test the scale of your self-love…

Just take a few minutes away from whatever you are doing and take a few deep breaths to tune into your gut feeling.

Now ask yourself the following questions, and notice the level of comfort or discomfort…

Question One: A friend compliments you on an item of clothing, or your hair or your smile. Do you…

a) Brush it aside and dismiss it with a quick excuse?

b) Embrace it, agree and say thank you?

Question Two: You are driving and running a little late. You take a wrong turn. Do you…

a) Start beating yourself up and cursing yourself?

b) Speak gently and kindly to yourself remembering that it was an easy mistake to make?

Question Three: You look in the mirror, you smile and say "hello gorgeous" or "I love you" at your reflection. Does it…

a) Make you cringe with embarrassment?

b) Make you feel warm and fuzzy?

You know the more you love and are kind to yourself, the more you can love and be kind to others. The more you are compassionate about yourself, the more you can be compassionate to others.

It has quite a startlingly positive ripple effect.

And it’s one of the keys to a happier, more fulfilling life.

So where are you on the scale of self-love?

Much love to you….(and me) x

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