• Marie Winefield

Feeling Heard...

In an increasingly fast paced world full of distractions and deadlines, be curious today about how you engage with those around you. Especially those who may need a listening ear.

Does the other person feel truly heard? Are they getting your full attention?

Or do they sense that you have zoned out a little while you are formulating your own response. Or are you jumping in with your own opinions and advice.

There is a real skill in ACTIVELY listening to someone - it’s not easy.

BUT… it is so healing to be truly heard. To know the other person is fully present and focussed on you.

And it’s the recipe for building deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

So the next time you engage…

1. GIVE YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION… by using direct eye contact, putting aside your own distracting thoughts and tuning out of side conversations

2. REFLECT BACK WHAT THEY ARE SAYING… by paraphrasing what has been said (e.g. “what I’m hearing is…”).

3. ASK OPEN ENDED QUESTIONS…to gain more clarity and to show you are interested.

4. DON’T INTERRUPT…with counter arguments. Reserve all judgements.

5. RESPOND APPROPRIATELY…with honesty and respect for the other person’s opinions and feelings.

And notice the difference you make to other person’s well-being, and to the growth of your relationship.

Warm regards

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