Grief is like the ocean. It comes in waves, ebbing and flowing. Sometimes it's calm and sometimes it's overwhelming. And all we can do is learn to swim.

~ Vicki Harrison

Counselling for Bereavement, Grief and Loss

We all go through life suffering loss. It may be the death of someone in your life, the loss of a job, a relationship, of physical or mental health, or the loss of hopes and dreams of the future.


Bereavement or loss can affect us in many different ways. You may feel…

  • Shock and numbness and feelings of denial.

  • Anger that this has happened to you.

  • Overwhelm and unable to make sense of how you are feeling.

  • Panic and confusion and wondering how you will cope and move on.

  • Sadness for your loss and the change that it will make to your life.

  • Relief if a close one died and had been suffering, or you were in a difficult relationship.

  • Guilt if you feel that things could have been different in some way, or you felt you could have prevented the loss from happening.

We all experience grief and loss differently and often feel some or all of the above at different times. There is no right or way to feel loss and no time limit on the grieving process.

How can counselling help with bereavement, grief and loss?

Counselling can help you become more aware of and address your thoughts and feelings following a loss. It gives you the space to be really honest with how you are feeling with someone who understands the grieving process. It offers you the continuous support and focus that goes beyond the level that family and friends may be able to provide.

Counselling helps you come to terms with your loss, explore ways of coping, and move you towards acceptance and looking forwards towards the future.